Dana stood looking at the beautiful stained wood mural on the wall with its carved trees, flowers, birds, and hidden beasts. She swirled the glass of rosy wine in her hand, letting the floral smell fill her nostrils before taking Continue reading

Weeks passed in marital bliss as Dana began to find herself feeling more content in her role as Colin’s wife. Unexpectedly on her part, she found herself genuinely caring for the man, despite the strange feeling she could not shake Continue reading

Dana awoke in a haze. As she began to stir, she could feel her body aching. Her head felt heavy and her eyes felt like they might burst. As she tried to open her eyes, the world around her was Continue reading

Dana sat quietly with her hands clasped in her lap. Sitting up straight with her knees together and her ankles crossed, she tried to listen to the voices around her as she attempted to block out the emotions connected to Continue reading

Colin leaned back in his chair as the men stood at the other end of the massive oak table between them. The men were at least twenty years his senior, both in three-piece suits with their matching fedora hats hanging Continue reading

Dana had lived with the family for a few months. She quickly realized how big Joe’s family really was. The Epps family consisted of Joe Epps, the elder of the family and his children. The eldest being his daughter Ida, Continue reading

Hello everyone! So I’m going to post something I’ve been working on for a while. It really is a work in progress, but as I work on it and begin to edit it I will keep this updated as well. Continue reading

Hello, I’m trying to motivate myself more to get some writing done on my Blog. I do have “Dream Journals” and figured these would be some great places to start. I tend to write down what I remember from my Continue reading

Hello and welcome to my writing blog! I am very excited to finally put myself and my work out there for others to see and enjoy! My goal is to use this to put out short stories, chapters from books Continue reading